BlackBerry Storm (RIM): Getting around using GPS

One question that keeps coming up regarding Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Storm is about the GPS system, firstly we get asked if GPS is unlocked on the Storm, the answer is yes, the other question we get asked time after time is if Google Maps works well with the BlackBerry Storm, No, infact its terrible, we wouldn’t bother with Google Maps on the Storm, it’s completely messed up and Street View is awful, you will not be able to pinpoint your location with GPS you can only get approximate locations using AGPS.

However, if you use BlackBerry Maps on your Storm then you can get accurate location pin-pointing using GPS and what’s more the application is free. So it’s far more a Google problem that a BlackBerry Storm problem.

Another good way of pinpointing your location on the BlackBerry Storm is by taking a photo and then geotag it and then the latitude and longitude will be sorted automatically.

Source: pcmag


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  1. John says:


    I have an unlocked blackberry Storm. I can’t get the GPS to work on it…. It says connrection to server failed. Do you know if it is possible to get GPS on the unlocked phone and if so How. Thanks

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