Phones Review Upcoming Hands-on Reviews

We just want to let all our readers know what Phones Review will be doing pretty soon in the way of hands-on reviews, we have a few products and we thought you might be interested in our upcoming reviews.

Some of the products we have to review includes the 3M Micro Professional Projector MPro110, then we have the TatSkinz which we received for the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPhone 3G, then we will be doing a review on the Ghost Armor products we were sent which is the ultimate in electronics protection.

We also have the Richard Solo Smart Backup Battery Pack for the Apple iPhone, and then we have the Etre Touchy Gloves stick two fingers up to the iPhone. We always get products sent to us to give you the full hands-on reviews.

So please keep coming back and we will get these reviews done as soon as possible. Sign up to our newsletter for email updates.

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