Verizon staff spy on BlackBerry fan Barack Obama mobile phone bill

President Elect Barack Obama has reasons to keep his Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry 8700c close to hand as it seems everyone wants a peak at what’s going on in the soon to be 44th president of Americas life, and indeed his BlackBerry.

The statement from Verizon just read that some staff has gained unauthorized access to Obama’s personal mobile phone account, although this account is now inactive.

According to a Verizon spokesperson the account was not for president elect Obama’s much trusted BlackBerry 8700c or any other BlackBerry device, (does this mean that Obama still hasn’t been upgraded to the new BlackBerry Storm) but in-fact the mobile phone in question was just a plain old voice phone, not one that had email support or web browsing.

Obama spokesperson said that no voicemail or text messages had been read. Verizon have said that the 3 employees who had access to the account, and who were not authorized were put on immediate leave but on full pay. However Verizon also added that they will impose disciplinary action onto the staff that accessed President elect Obama’s account improperly.

I am sure after this incident that Barack Obama will keep his trusted BlackBerry even closer to his chest, but please Mr President get yourself an upgrade, we suggest the BlackBerry Storm being the first touchscreen from Research in Motion (RIM) or the gorgeous and very slick BlackBerry Bold, it’s time for change Obama and that also means your BlackBerry.

Source: reuters

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