Video: Nokia N96 950mAh replaced by 1200mAh battery

The Nokia N96 ships with a 950mAh battery, which is fine for the everyday user, but if you are a power user the Nokia N96 could do with a little be more punch such as with a 1200mAh battery, which if you check out the video fits quite well in the N96.

When asked why the Nokia N96 didn’t ship with the more powerful 1200mAh Nokia replied it was so they could keep the N96 slimmed down, yet as shown in the video the 1200mAh fits snugly with a little effort.

There is a slight bulge to the back cover when using the 1200mAh in the Nokia N96 but is hardly noticeable, and if Nokia were to product a slightly larger back cover the N96 would comfortably accept the 1200mAh without any swelling. So how about it Nokia, care to start shipping an N96 back plate to allow for the 1200mAh battery?

Video below

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