Apple iPhone 2.2 Pwned by iPhone Dev Team

Just after the Apple iPhone 2.2 OS is released the iPhone Dev Team release their own iPhone 2.2 OS jailbreak solution, which basically means that the iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool which has been at the forefront of jailbreaking the iPhone since the Apple iPhone’s release is now compatible with the Apple iPhone 2.2 OS.

And that means the iPhoner can now update their iPhone and iPhone 3G to a jailbroken version of iPhone 2.2 OS, which is important as it’s the only way of preserving the older baseband firmware.

And as every iPhoner knows, the baseband is at the heart of any possible unlock solution for the Apple iPhone, which the iPhone Dev Team is still working on and if you ever wish to unlock your iPhone you will need to update to iPhone 2.2 using Pwnage Tool.

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Source — intomobile

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