Marriage Calculator Apple iPhone App: Test for Divorce

Have you wanted to know how long your Marriage is going to last, and how long you have before you head to the divorce courts? Well there is a Marriage Calculator App for your Apple iPhone 3G from BarnacleJive Software and it’s suppose to give you this information with just a few questions you need to answer, well I’m not completely convinced so here is a little review.

So, would Madonna and Guy Ritchie have seen divorce coming or even Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills? I doubt it, well not from an iPhone Marriage Calculator App that is.

Basically the Marriage Calculator matches your answers with statistics from studies conducted by universities, CDC and the US census, but all in all it’s a pretty dull app, we would have thought the questions would have been a bit more daring, you know have you had a secret affair or do you and your spouse have a healthy sex life, but sadly the marriage calculator just asks you a range of questions like, age, how long you been together, living arrangements, children, religious beliefs, economic class and questions similar to these I have listed.

So once you have gone to the trouble to type on the Apple iPhone 3G and filled out all the relevant information, the app will calculate and tell you how many people with your circumstances are already divorced and how likely you are divorce in 5 years. If you want to give the Marriage calculator a go, the app will set you back $1.99, or you can download a free mini version for your iPhone.

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