Kogan Agora: 2nd Android gPhone specs and prices

It’s here, well almost, the world’s 2nd Google Android packing gPhone in the guise of the Kogan “Agora” and when I say almost it’s because it can be pre-ordered but isn’t quite available yet. However, apparently when the Angora is ready it will come in two versions the Agora standard at $299 AUD and Agora Pro at $399 AUD.

Both versions are currently on pre-order via the Kogan website and the word is they are being sold outright without contract or commitment to any locked network, and expected deliver is set at sometime in January 09.

So what does the 2nd Android gPhone offer? Well the standard Agora comes with a 2.5 inch touch-screen, full QWERTY keyboard, 3G connectivity, and microSD slot. The Pro Agora is much the same but includes a 2 megapixel camera, GPS and WiFi.

Source — itwire

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