Scooter Smiff Video: Starring the BlackBerry Pearl Flip

After watching the latest Scooter Smiff video for “Head of my Class” I was absolutely amazed how many times the BlackBerry Pearl flip 8220 appeared in the video, are Research in Motion (RIM) sponsoring the teen rap group with the BlackBerry?

Seriously how many times does the BlackBerry Pearl Flip appear in the music video? It’s looking good though, it almost has as much Bling Bling as the cars the stars of Scooter Smiff roll up in, you really got to check this video out!

With all the hype surrounding the BlackBerry Bold and of course the infamous BlackBerry Storm we seem to have forgotten about the poor 8220 Pearl flip, but Scooter Smiff certainly haven’t!

Does this mean the BlackBerry Peal Flip is going to be a teen sensation? Scoll down a little further and check the music video out.

Source: CrackBerry

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