Apple iPhone 3G: Wal-Mart 8GB definitely 4GB possibly

We know that there are whispers and speculation that Wal-Mart are to offer the Apple iPhone 4GB for $99.00 and that there is even speculation there will be a more expensive Apple iPhone for Wal-Mart to follow.

But like I said this is merely net whispers, what you can rely on though is the Wal-Mart will be selling the Apple iPhone 3G 8GB version for $197.00, as per advertising pages now showing up across the internet.

The World’s biggest retail will sell the world’s biggest selling mobile handset for $197.00 as of the 28th of December, but if your aren’t in that much of a hurry to grab an Apple iPhone I’d personally suggest holding off for a while to see if that lower priced 4GB iPhone does actually appear, which should hit if at all sometime near the end of January 09.

Source — product-reviews

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