$99 WalMart 4GB iPhone 3G deal: Is it just a rumour?

We wrote earlier about the 4GB Apple iPhone 3G set to be sold in WalMart for just $99 with a 2 year contact with AT&T, now there seems to be lots of speculation as to if the deal is fact or simplu just a rumour.

But with AT&T and WalMart giving no official announcements, we are relying on reports and information that has come from staff at WalMart as well as several tabloids.

Reports out say that WalMart staff are being trained to sell the iPhone 3G, so that I guess would be pretty stupid if WalMart had no intention of selling it, plus there has also been rumours flowing around for a while with the proposed date of December 28 for the iPhone to go on sale at WalMart.

But if the iPhone 3G is going to be offered as a special 4GB version still seems a little shady, basically the staff at WalMart have said that they haven’t heard anything about a 4GB iPhone, although a store manager of WalMart in Milpitas said that she was told by an AT&T representative that they would be getting the 4GB iPhone.

So with all the different rumours flying around I guess it’s time to just sit wait and keep our ears firmly open to get official notification, Bloomberg have reported WalMart will be selling two iPhone models, so I would think we get the real low down this week sometime and we will keep you posted, if you know anything about the 4GB iPhone 3G please feel free to comment.

Source: Appleinsider

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