Apple iPhone security: eight ways to better protect your data

The Apple iPhone a most important mobile communications device that requires exceptional security, so an iPhoner should always keep their data secure but following the usual pattern of using a PIN and set to auto-lock after a short delay.

The Apple iPhone should also be set to blank itself after several invalid unlock attempt, use Safari security defaults, use WPA2 for WiFi, and block access to the Apple iTunes App Store, But when all is said and done is this really enough to protect your important data?

Apple iPhoners deserve the big picture when it comes to mobile phone security, as like most when they leave the store with their new device they accept sole responsibility for their purchase.

And so to aid the Apple iPhone with securing their Apple iPhone, Infoworld have come up with eight easy steps to iPhone security, so take advantage and learn more about how to secure your iPhone by hitting the source.

Source — infoworld

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