Apple to announce iPhone Nano, small version of iPhone 3G

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are about to announce a new creation the iPhone Nano! How cute would this be if the rumors are correct, I have the iPhone 3G and find it extremely heavy and bulky and even though I love it, sometimes do feel I have a calculator to my ear!

So how these did rumors start and is there any truth in them? Well it’s looking pretty concrete to me, the iPhone skin maker XSKN has on its website the name iPhone Nano, although there is no picture at present it does sit along site the first generation iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

Although some market observers are skeptical about the websites descriptions the whispers of a Nano sized iPhone go right back to August 2008, back then it was said it would be sold for £150 on O2 pay as you go but the information came from an unnamed source to a British tabloid.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we will see such a thing?

Source: Reghardware


10 thoughts on “Apple to announce iPhone Nano, small version of iPhone 3G”

  1. Rob says:

    Don’t make declarative statements when you are not even sure yourself. Your article is “Apple to Announce”. Did Apple tell you this? No. Its a rumor.

  2. adam says:

    This is complete garbage. Your article is full or typos and you are pitching rumors and speculation as fact. Apple certainly wouldn’t tell 3rd party manufacturers about a pending iPhone Nano launch just so they could gear up and make skins. That’s ridiculous.

  3. Bernie Mac says:

    I think your website is retarded because that’s just a rumor.

    Also on the other article you typed “your” instead of “you’re”. So that’s why.

  4. kool guy says:

    yes…. why not, it’d probably be cheaper than the other iphones, so people thatcannot afford it would definetly go for the nano….. Apple ain’t stupid…

  5. Idle says:

    A iPhone nano is a stupid idea. The phone is large so you can have a full screen. If you want a tiny, functionless phone, get some Motorolla. And stop pitching speculation as fact.

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