Palm Pre in black or other colour what would you chose?

The Palm Pre will no doubt be released soon, but one wonders if the Palm Pre will eventually be released with a more colourful variation rather than the usual same-old-same black.

Yes, black is a standard, and often preferred by the business minded, but for once wouldn’t it be nice when a new smartphone is released for it to be released in several colours so the customer has a choice?

I’m sure there are a great deal of potential customers out there in the mobile world who hang off purchasing a mobile handset simply because they aren’t given the choice of colour at the outset. Just a thought.

So readers, what do you think; should handsets be released from the outset in a choice of colours or stick with the usual black?

Source — precentral


3 thoughts on “Palm Pre in black or other colour what would you chose?”

  1. Linda says:

    I think colors might just be the thing to put this phone in the top selling spot. While many business users may prefer black, they also will be looking for the ability to use word, powerpoint, and other apps that Palm hasn’t discussed in its promo info, so not sure if the phone supports this. This could lead business minded clients towards the HTC windows phones or the Blackberrys…however, I’m sure there are plenty of tech savy..non-business minded people or even business clientele with a flair that would really appreciate a red, blue, pink, purple choice. That would be a great idea!!!

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