Nokia N97 Expansys price of £689.99 outrageous claims Nokia

Forget it Expansys that ballpark figure of £689.99 you’re quoting for the Nokia N97 is totally ridiculous, and it seems Nokia agree.

Apparently during a recent interview, a Nokia spokesperson called the Expansys figure “outrageous,” however the announced release date of June sounds about right.

I have to say I’m quite impressed at what I’ve seen of the Nokia N97 but expecting £689.99 for it is way out of line. In comparison an unlocked Apple iPhone 3G is going for £679.99 while the Xperia X1 is at £714.99 on Expansys.

I say, don’t bye from Expansys, what do you say, and how much do you think the Nokia N97 should go for?

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3 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Expansys price of £689.99 outrageous claims Nokia”

  1. Graham Stirling says:

    To be honest, this isn’t the first time Expansys have pulled a stunt like this. The figure will fall on release date as it will be unsustainable, plus the service providers will be punting them out with high subsidies.
    Expect a ticket price of around £450, or £100 with a contract. The current economic climate wont support much more, and Nokia will want these phones to move off the shelf to enable them to push more services, which is where they are heading now. The N97, while a nice phone, is essentially a good-looking bit of hardware with not much new inside, designed to showcase the integrated software.

  2. peter petoral says:

    It amuses me when I see posts like this, no offense, but if I was running an e-tailer I would put prices way up to if I wasn’t sure of the price, I have ordered one pre-order from eXpansys, an HTC product actually, they emailed me to tell me the new price before it shipped and gave me the option to cancel, it was actually a lower price so keeping the order was a no brainer. I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t want to underprice and get footed with the bill. best part? they don’t charge the card until it ships so I could have always cancelled and went elsewhere in the meantime.

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