Haircaster for the Apple iPhone helps avoid bad hair days

I know all you ladies experience the “bad hair day” occasionally, and sometimes you just simply can’t get the styling right. Well now if you are an iPhoner you can use the latest Apple iPhone application, “Haircaster” which apparently is the “Ultimate Bad Hairday Forecaster”

The word is Haircaster is used by hair stylists and makeup artists to keep hair looking great all day. Haircaster for the Apple iPhone works by tapping into local weather conditions like wind, rain, temperature and humidity, and the app then gives feedback on just how to make sure your hair is styled all day.

Haricaster for the Apple iPhone even makes things easier by informing the iPhoner about what type of day it is such as Average, Perfect and even STAY HOME! Haircaster for the iPhone is available from the App Store for $4.99.

Source — mobilesyrup

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