Palm and Vodafone in negotiations for Palm Pre

The Palm Pre had popped up on several of Palm’s international websites, and now apparently according to a forum member, the Palm Pre will be going with Vodafone in the Netherlands.

The Palm WebOS Blog has also reported about learning via tweakers.net which is a Dutch website that Vodafone has now admitted to be in negotiations with Palm to release the Palm Pre.

Furthermore, the word is that Vodafone has been in negotiations to strike an exclusivity deal with Palm for the first three months of release according to the exclusive Palm agent in Benelux. So it does look like Vodafone will gain the Palm pre first.

Source — precentral


One thought on “Palm and Vodafone in negotiations for Palm Pre”

  1. Ben says:

    I disagree…they were in nogociations but they fell through and rumours have it that o2 have got the rights to launch the palm pre, its looking to be realised around the 7th June

    *guess estimaited on the fact that the touchtone wireless charing is being realised then as well….*

    But yer, by the sound of it from different confrences *searched and found on google* nogociations with vodafone fell through and o2 got the gig

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