Video: Apple iPhone to gain Watchmen MMO game

With a new blockbuster movie on its way you just know a new gaming version of the movie is going to hit the Apple iPhone, and Watchmen is heading that way with the Watchmen MMO game, Watchmen: Justice is Coming.

Watchmen: Justice is Coming for the Apple iPhone puts the iPhoner in the Watchmen World and enables them to do battle with other players thanks to MMO (massively multi-player online).

The idea of Watchmen: Justice is Coming has a community of Watchman iPhoner fans come together to do battle in 1975 New York City. Iphoners will be able to dress their characters in customised attire and go around picking fights. The Watchmen MMO iphone game is expected to launch alongside the watchman movie on March the 6th.

And we have a video for your entertainment which can be found below…enjoy.


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