Is O2 about to drop prices on the Apple iPhone 3G?

Looks like us Brits may be gaining a better deal on the Apple iPhone, as a rumour has it O2 is about to offer the Apple iPhone 3G in preparation for a newer version of the Apple iPhone expected sometime in the summer.

At the moment the 8GB iPhone is available for free with a $44.05 per month contract, similar if the 16GB iPhone for free at $73.41 per month. However the rumour going round is O2 will offer the 8GB for free with a £35 per month contract while the 16GB will be free at £45 per month.

Obviously this is all unconfirmed at the moment, but it should happen especially when Apple is pushing out the new iPhone OS 3.0.

What do you think, will O2 drop prices?

Source — unwiredview

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