Apple iPhone 3.0: Embed Maps into App, Core Location & More

I tried to keep the title simple when it comes to Maps, the all new a very much talked about Apple iPhone 3.0 is bringing as so much more than many expected.

Apple worked with Google to build an awesome maps application, developers will be able to embed map into app; of course they would like a CocoaTouch control that will be able to wrap maps and insert into applications, well this is what they will offer in the new iPhone 3.0.

To break it down a little further, the maps app is now an API which will enable you to embed map straight to your application; for example an app called Concierge that embeds a map, will support satellite, adding own locations, GPS, hybrid, map views, Wi-Fi/mobile location, pinch-and-zoom and there is also reverse geo-code your location.

Developers will have the opportunity to use Core Location as basis for turn-by-turn direction applications. Apparently you will have to bring your own maps because of licensing; you cannot use built-in map tiles for turn-by-turn because that will be Google’s API license. Oh yes as they say because you will have your very own iPhone GPS system when 3.0 arrives.



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