Apple iPhone 3.0 OS: Accessories that work with iPhone & iPods

At the Apple iPhone 3.0 OS Event they have talked about “Accessories”, we all know that there are so many accessories for the Apple iPhone and of course iPods and there is a good one in the form of a speaker.

Well with the all new iPhone 3.0 OS firmware it will enable all accessory developers to build their very own custom apps that will talk directly with that hardware (Like the speaker for example). How about the FM transmitter; well with the new 3.0 OS developers can build custom apps that will pair up with it and then automatically find the right station and of course tunes it in as well.

This is fantastic news because it all means that they will all talk over the dock wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, say you want to play music or pause music, or by getting artwork, or you can even build your very own custom protocols.

The good thing about apps access to hardware that is attached via dock connectors will give you endless possibilities, such as the medical industry for example; Apple have suggested that it could be used in medicine, Scott Forstall at the event showed off a blood pressure reader which interfaces with the iPhone (Now that is awesome).

What about medical applications? Well there is this medical cuff for example that will chat with the iPhone and will help you track your blood pressure over time, this is so good it means that developers can take full advantage of accessories and talking to accessories via such suck connectors or even via Bluetooth. We will bring you more on this over the next few weeks.


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