Apple iPhone OS 3.0: Peer to Peer connectivity

The Apple iPhone OS 3.0 event still going strong and this article is all about Peer to Peer connectivity, we will keep this brief like Forstall did.

Basically with Peer to Peer connectivity it will give you options based on this scenario; you want to send somebody a contact, well your company could indeed build an application which will find your colleague’s phone and share that contact.

Now talks about using Bluetooth, Bluetooth is smart because it allows you play games or share info with anyone, it does NOT matter if there is a wi-fi network available. This makes it so much easier to say the least.

Peer to Peer connectivity is what we will all love, a brand new API which will let you find all other iPhones/iPod touches in the area playing the same game. Play games with friends locally over the network, cool features like “Automatic Discovery” will make so much easier to do, using Bluetooth and NOT via Wi-Fi, NO pairing –completely seamless.


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