Apple iPhone 3.0 Wish list: What will we get?

Today is the day and at 5pm GMT you will hear all about the Apple (AAPL) iPhone 3.0 event, this is definitely a special event and many of you want the “Apple iPhone 3.0 Wish list” out in the open now; and of course answer to the question “What will we get?”

The event today is about the all new Apple iPhone 3.0 OS Firmware and yes they will only talk about it and not give it to us today, of course we will keep you posted of when it will be available to download. The event is an invitation to developers so they can learn all about a new iPhone SDK and of course know all about the build of the iPhone’s OS.

Steve Jobs will not be attending this one apparently, anyway enough of the boring stuff and down to what you can expect with the all new Apple iPhone 3.0; you must remember the list below is what you can expect but may not be available straight away.

– Push notification. So Facebook, say, could alert you when you have a new message. This was promised in June 2008, but not yet delivered.

– MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service. So you can forward those pictures sent to you by friends with far less sophisticated cell phones.

– Internet sharing. For those times when your iPhone has access but your laptop doesn’t. Apple and AT&T have both said so-called “tethering” is coming real soon now.

– Copy and paste.

– Better mail program. Why can’t you search past messages? Read them in landscape mode? Delete then en masse?

– Bluetooth support. Currently available only for phone headsets. Could be expanded to support wireless keyboards, speaker systems, file exchanges, syncing etc.

– Better App management. The current interface is barely capable of organizing 148 applications, never mind 28,000.

– Video capture. It can be done without modifying the built-in camera as iPhone Video Recorder, an application available only for jailbroken iPhones, has shown.

– A new browser. The current version of iPhone Safari is nearly two years old.

– Flash support. So you’d see videos and dancing advertisements instead of those little blue cubes. Adobe (ADBE) says its Flash Player software is ready and waiting for Apple’s approval.

– Voice dialing and turn-by-turn directions. Quick, before iPhone users cause any more traffic accidents.

We definitely need more background operation and of course better syncing between apps, and what about better calendar and to-do list support; we could go on and on what we would like, so sit back and wait until 5pm today and we will update you.

What would you like to happen?


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