Apple iPhone 3.0 OS: Cut, Copy and Paste demo details

The all new Apple iPhone 3.0 OS software which will be releasing sometime in the summer will bring you many features, such as the long-awaited Cut, Copy and Paste.

Here are a few demo details that was shown at the event yesterday, the demo of this new feature was shown and included an email with flight info for Oceanic 815, oh yes you just double tap on the text and it will automatically select the text and it will then grab points at the end of the selection with a cut/copy/paste bubble above it.

If you want to select a whole block, all you need to do is double tap and then slide your finger or your thumb which will reveal a brand new magnifying glass, and pull across the text you want to grab.

Ok so what about copy and paste across maps? Well it is the same as the bubble and process in Notes. What we really like is the copying of HTML, oh yes just shake the phone to undo, you can do a long press to select blocks of text in Safari which will use the same engine that will zoom in on blocks of text, pretty clever when choosing what to select.

How about SMS? This is all possible as well and uses the same process as Safari to grab SMS text. Now moving onto photos, what about sending more than one photo; well this is now possible thanks to the new 3.0 software; you can select multiple pictures and copy them, then paste them into a mail message.

Scott at the event said “Cocoa Touch controls have support for copy/paste built in. “Next… landscape. We always had support for landscape built in. This is great for reading stories. A lot of users love that landscape keyboard. We’re now taking that to all of our key apps. Starting with Mail. So, landscape in Mail. It works in Notes and SMS as well.”


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