Should I Choose Apple iPhone now or BlackBerry?

Now this is a hard question to answer, we have had some emails asking “Should I Choose Apple iPhone now or BlackBerry?” Well this is definitely one that we will let our readers answer.

Personally I have used the Apple iPhone since it hit the shelves and cannot answer this question as it would be bias, looking at the all new iPhone 3.0 OS Software we can see the Apple iPhone being a pretty special smartphone indeed and we cannot wait for the full release this summer.

Looking at BlackBerry Phones; they have a lot going for them as well, like apps, Windows Mobile, and so much more to list. This is a pretty hard decision and that is why we will let the readers post their comments. So please readers answer this question “Should I Choose Apple iPhone now or BlackBerry?


3 thoughts on “Should I Choose Apple iPhone now or BlackBerry?”

  1. mike says:

    Neither. Wait for the “Palm Pre” to come out and then ask yourself another question – “Can my iPhone still cut it?”.

    From the looks of things Blackberry is loosing ground fast.

  2. Tony says:

    So called iPhone killers like the Storm, the Bold, the G1 have been surrounded by excitement following demos and announcements that made them look so much better than the iPhone yet all have proved disappointing with both software and battery issues. It is premature to suggest the Pre will be worth waiting for. It may be wonderful, or it may be as disappointing as other iPhone killers. The history of Palm does not suggest confidence as Palm has limped from one forgettable offering to the next.

    Blackberry too has too many software limitations to slow the popularity of the iPhone. I am a small business owner. The iPhone is the first mobile device I have ever owned which I am completely happy with. I can conduct business on the move, edit my calendars, send and receive email and so on and have my entries automatically sync with my computer back at the office. The apps allow me to create and edit simple spreadsheets, word documents, surf the web, and show beautiful photographs of my business. The software keyboard took a bit of getting used to but I did get used to it and I think it is faster to use than any other small keyboard I ever used before. I have lots of friends with both Blackberry’s and iPhones. It is the iPhone owners who tend to be most proud of their phones and I feel sorry for the ones with Blackberry’s – they are good solid phones, but they just aren’t as flexible or easy to use as the iPhone.

  3. Rob says:

    Blackberries don’t run on windows mobile (thank god) and I have one and LOVE it, i can’t imagine my lfe without one anymore. I also have an ipod touch and its cool, but it and the iphone are definutely toys.

    And im unimpressed by the upcoming palm pre, no external memory card, no video recording, small battery, average camera etc. and by the summer a whole load of new phones are coming out including iphone 3.0 and a few new blackberries on their new 5.0 OS.

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