Apple iPhone app user reviews are they trustworthy?

How does one know what Apple iPhone app to have? Probably an iPhoner goes by the App Store user reviews, but just how much can you trust these user reviews?

Could these user reviews be written by the developer for instance or friends of the developer to inflate that particular applications App Store rating? Some apps receive several low rates, could this be rival devs trying to keep a rival app low?

There are already several “app rate wars” going on whereby developers accuse others of posting criticising reviews. There have even been reports of developers offering to pay App Store users to give positive reviews on their Apple iPhone applications.

Despite all this, customer reviews do offer some insight into the applications, but I’d have to say the bottom line is if you really want to know what an app is like is to download it and try it out for yourself, or maybe see if you can find someone you trust who’s already used the app.

Source — pcworld

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