B-Vocalized voice command secretarial and search assistant

B-Vocalized is a website who specialises in constructing well managed service delivery methodology over networks and wireless devices in combination with their proprietary app platform.
So what does B-Vocalized offer? Well B-Vocalized enables a mobile phone owner to simply ask questions and order tasks via their mobile phone using hands-free voice commands. Basically

B-Vocalized is a dictation recording service whereby you dictate your thought, ideas, note, memos and the like into your mobile phone, and you will receive an email with a transcript of your dictation.
The user can access by voice rather than key entry, can request secretarial tasks with vice commands, and receive a full text transcript of said dictation to your email for your records.

B-Vocalized offer several package levels ranging from $15 up to $100 and even offer a free trial so you can check it out for yourself.

Personally I found the website easy to navigate and understand, and seems quite useful for those on the move and needing to record notes and memos and business material without the need to keep physically writing it down. No doubt an ideal solution for writers and the like who need to jot down thoughts while on the move; no need to carry notepads; just use your mobile phone.

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