How much for an Unlocked SIM Free Apple iPhone 3G?

If you are wondering how much an Unlocked SIM Free Apple iPhone 3G will be we can tell you it will not be cheap, online retailer Play.com is offering unlocked iPhones for those who do not want to be on the O2 network according to The Register.

Now here comes the scary bit; for an Apple 8GB iPhone 3G £549.99, and the 16GB version for a whopping £600 even though we cannot seem to find the 16GB model on sale on their site. These are genuine Apple iPhones that are unlocked to all UK networks, Ok it is more affordable if you buy with O2 or Carphone Warehouse because they will only cost you a mere £342.

Now what we want to know is “Would you buy one of these Unlocked SIM Free Apple iPhone 3G phones? We have told you before about the Apple iPhone tethering and of course the iPhone 24-month tariff. Please let us know what you think.

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