Nokia OVI Online Store to feature video, N-Gage games

We found something really interesting about Nokia saying Ovi will feature some videos and N-Gage games. The story comes from Forbes.com showing this latest news from Reuters, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) latest news says that Oyj’s Ovi online store will feature some cool video’s even though there are no plans of a full-featured video service.

They will offer mobile games from its N-Gage gaming service through Ovi, which will hopefully be launching in May, apparently the Ovi Store will be in competition with the likes of Apple (nasdaq: AAPL) with their App Store. The question is “Who will win the smartphone market”?

Gaming on smartphones and of course many other applications is the way forward, and people will soon know the full potential of mobile gaming within the next 12 to 24 months. Please read the full interview over on Forbes.com


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