CTIA 2009: Ericsson F3607gw module release date

At the CTIA 2009 the Ericsson F3607gw module will be talked about and this will apparently according to Gearlog Kill Laptops From Afar.

Ericsson announced prior to the CTIA wireless industry trade show the new broadband module for laptop PCs which will automatically disable a personal computer when it receives what is called the “poison pill” SMS text messages and this can happen even if the PC is switched off.

The release date for the Ericsson F3607gw module is June 2009 and will feature “wake-on-wireless” capability; it will however be very difficult to send the SMS of Doom. This new module will work with Windows 7 and will use less power than the previous module.

The F3607gw will only be compatible with AT&T’s 3G network, it has been said that Ericsson may build a T-Mobile compatible version sometime in the near future. Just so you know Verizon and Sprint will never be supported. The Ericsson F3607gw module will be priced at around $65.

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