CTIA 2009 UIEvolution myCar application: iPhone and Chevrolet Aveo demonstration

The latest news is good especially when you have an Apple iPhone and a Chevrolet Aveo demonstration happening, yes this demonstration will happen at the CTIA Spring 2009 event.

We are talking about the brand new UIEvolution myCar application, this demonstration will be happening in booth 126 at the CTIA Las Vegas show. UIEvolution’s application will connect the smartphone with the car which should be special.

myCar Application is all about the Next Generation of Telematics Services for Remote Control and Personalized Content for Vehicle Owners, we all know that mobile applications are becoming so popular and we can see them taking over the world pretty soon; and sooner than you would imagine, this all new platform will allow vehicle owners to communicate remotely with their telematics-enabled vehicles via their mobile phone.

You can access and control your vehicle, it will connect localized guides to restaurants, and weather, gas prices and event with the remote management and you can even lock and unlock your doors, and even long range remote start and vehicle locator. Read the full news over on Business Wire.

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