BlackBerry App World is Annoying: Is iPhone App Store Better?

Now the latest news following BlackBerry App World maybe good for some and maybe bad for other, we have talked about this a few times today; the official launch, the featured apps and now the bit about BlackBerry App World is annoying. Think about this question “Is iPhone App Store Better?

The hype surrounding the new BlackBerry App World is defiantly hot and it looks like Cnet have a few problems, they call it All it’s cracked up to be. One of the things they do not like is the fact you need a PayPal account, ok granted that many BlackBerry users have a PayPal account already and many though are saying they do not like the PayPal set-up.

Another annoying thing is to do with trackball device, yes with using this you will have to scroll through the entire end-user license agreement before the application will install, ok this only has to be done once but yet still annoying; so if you have more than one BlackBerry device it means you will have to do each time.

You will notice that this new app store is not as fast and precise as the iPhone’s App Store, using 3G on the iPhone makes the Apple App store so much better (Lacking on the Bold). Yes you will have to wait for the long tiresome green loading bar on BlackBerry devices. Downloads will store straight to your memory instead of the MicroSD card. Oh RIM please get the App World to work faster and you might have a little gem on your hands. Please let us know if you are having any problems with the new BlackBerry App World.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry App World is Annoying: Is iPhone App Store Better?”

  1. Pete says:

    So far, not impressed. I have a new Bold 9000 and XP SP3 set up on the PC. I received an email on the bold yesteday saying the new apps store has arrived and I could download it….alas. It would not load on my phone, saying I do not have the appropriate specifications on my device (yet the help file says I do!). So, no problem, I will load it from the PC, right? Wrong! It gets to an error message, that flashes off the screen so fast you cant read it…then hangs on the loading bar. I suppose I could trawl through the support desk….but seriously, if the “simple” loading stage is so flaky…….why bother. Perhaps more time needed in development RIM.

  2. Audrey says:

    I am not impressed with BB App World. I have a Pearl 8100. Takes too long to open App World, and it has frozen my phone, forcing me to reboot. When I am able to connect, I find it absurd that they are charging $14 for some apps. I won’t be paying for any of them, I don’t care how cool they profess to be. The best way I’ve found to get apps is to go online and do a Google search. The app service through my carrier (T Mobile) even stinks. I’ve been a life long Mac user, and my experience with Blackberry overall is causing me to seriously consider getting an iPhone.

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