Celio REDFLY Driver and Firmware Service Pack: 18 New Smartphones

CTIA Wireless 2009: Celio has just added REDFLY Support for 18 new Smartphones (List Below); this is the all new Service Pack for REDFLY Driver and Firmware.

This new pack will increase speed over USB and Bluetooth, will also add compatibility for more applications and that includes Opera Mobile 9.5. Celio wishes to support every single phone and president and CEO of Celio Corp Kirt Bailey said “We are very excited about this group of new phones, as they are the next generation of smartphones. Their computing power is so robust that it really enhances our customers’ REDFLY experience.”

Check out the complete list of all the REDFLY-supported smartphones and the option to download the updated driver and firmware over on www.celiocorp.com, you can also see the names and each install for the phones here.

For a complete list of all phones and to download the updated driver and firmware, please visit here.

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