CTIA 2009: Palm Pre 3rd party applications showcased

While at CTIA 2009, Palm didn’t come across with any confirmed pricing or release date for the Palm Pre, however they did make available more information on the upcoming smartphone.

First off in San Francisco at Web 2.0 Expo 2009 Palm announces the release of Mojo SDK to enable developers to create applications for the Palm pre and WebOS. Now at CTIA 2009, according to an article over at cnet, Palm and Sprint allowed invitees to check out the Palm Pre in a more up close way.

What was shown was several 3rd party apps running on the Palm Pre such as Fandango, the movie ticket website and this worked well. Then there was FlightView, a real time flight tracking application, and more interestingly Pandora, Sprint TV and Nascar Sprint Mobile app.

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