Palm WebOS SDK gets opened to developers

Palm’s Michael Abbott announced at the Web 2.0 Expo 2009 yesterday that Palm is now prepared to allow developers to start playing with their Mojo SDK which up until now Palm had restricted to only a couple of dozen invites.

According to a post over at cnet, Abbott also slaked developers through the Mojo push notification messaging service that allows developers to send status updates like new instant message receipts, which of course sounds similar to what Apple has showed in their iPhone OS 3.0 event, but with a tad different execution. Such as Mojo and WebOS using a notification bar that doesn’t disrupt the app.

It is obviously Palm’s plan to attract plenty of developers to their WebOS so they can reap success in the app market madness and thus will make a pitch to those who are familiar with the likes of Javascript, HTML and CSS. To this end Palm now has posted a registration page on their website and o download of the SDK is free.

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