What is so good about the Palm Pre?

The Palm Pre smartphone, just what’s so good about it? Well the guys over at zdnet had a play with the Palm Pre and say the experience and some functionality is amazing, but when it comes to text entering its another story.

They reckon the Palm Pre keyboard is a “major disappointment” and just may turn out to be the Palm Pre’s “Achilles heel,” and that the Apple iPhone onscreen keyboard is far better.

The Palm Pre’s keyboard is similar to that of the Palm Centro with rubber sticky keys on a central panel; it felt cramped and so may be an issue for some people.

Apple is pushing out an Apple iPhone hardware update in June while there is still no confirmed release for the Palm Pre, and so the Palm Pre may just be overshadowed by the Apple iPhone update.

What is so good about the Palm Pre? Well apparently not its keyboard.


3 thoughts on “What is so good about the Palm Pre?”

  1. Howard Stern says:

    Not so!! The Palm Pre keyboard was great and reminds me of my Treo.f it can do Loyus notes I will choose it over the Blackberry Bold.Palm aso told me there would be an onscreen keyboard app at launch for free.

  2. Danny says:

    I don’t know where you are getting “the guys” at zdnet made this declaration. It was ONE guy there who didn’t like the keyboard after only a few minutes use.

  3. preeminent says:

    I would like to have seen a slider phone in landscape rather than portrait mode, both because of added real estate to cause keyboard to be less cramped, and the vast bulk of text entry would be performed in landscape mode. This is a design flaw, definitely, though all small keyboards require some getting used to. I’m still of the belief (and why I don’t own one) that the iPhone keyboard is the killer in that phone, so, to each his own.

    The only drawback to the Palm Pre in making it the ultimate communication device (for me at least) is lack of additional storage. While I’m not fond of all those Micro SD cards I have laying around, I couldn’t live without them.

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