Video: LG GD900 Transparent phone official trailer

Yes folks, LG’s new transparent mobile phone, the LG GD900 has now been given an official trailer video, which we have for your viewing pleasure and can be viewed below.

As you’ll probably know, the LG GD900 is a slider form factor handset that when the keyboard is slid down reveals a transparent keyboard which lights up, and gives the handset a unique style.

We’ve seen most of the LG GD900 specs already, and LG state the GD900 is not simply a fashion accessory as it incorporates high tech features and will come with a Bluetooth headset and is multi-touch. Anyway, hit up the video below and enjoy.


One thought on “Video: LG GD900 Transparent phone official trailer”

  1. Great phone, I highly recommend it.
    I’ve owned one for a couple of days and simply can’t fault it. Except for one thing – the slow motion video function doesn’t work on my handset. Anyone else had this kind of problem?

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