Is text messaging taking over our lives?

This little article gives rise to concerns that maybe the mobile phone is virtually taking over people’s lives, and costing them greatly.

An article over at softpedia has it that Dena Christofferson, 13 year old daughter of Greg Christofferson of Cheyenne Wisconsin, sent virtually 20,000 text messages in a single month at the cost of a staggering $4,756.25.

Greg Christofferson bought mobile phones for his family on the Verizon Wireless network with texting, which meant that he would be charged for all texts sent and received. 13 year old Dena managed to send around 700 text per day.

Greg Christofferson’s reaction on receiving the bill was to take Dena’s mobile phone and smash it to pieces with a hammer…wise decision Greg.

So, do you think that this amount of texting is cause for concern?

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