Apple iPhone vs. Windows Phone & Consumers vs. Enterprise

This is a little chat about the Apple iPhone vs. The Windows Phone and also Consumers vs. Enterprise, we want you to send in your views on the above subjects, do you prefer the Apple iPhone or handsets that run Windows, we also want to know if you are a consumer or enterprise when you tell us what you prefer please.

Now I was told ages ago to get an iPhone and stood my ground and said “No Chance” but this all changed when I played around with one for a few weeks, I have tried many phones with Windows on it; for example the Samsung Blackjack ll and a few more and it was not for me really, the iPhone was much better suited for me, I will not go into detail as we would like to hear your views on this matter.

TechNewsWorld say: An iPhone user will always pick up Windows phone and find it pretty difficult to find what they want and its various features, many say it’s ugly and the hardware doesn’t quite match the software, and it’s generally user-unfriendly.” But it is the same for a Windows user when they pick up an iPhone, they say things like “This is a locked-up, inflexible platform designed mainly to get you to buy more stuff from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) More about Apple, like movies, music and apps.”

We want all you Apple iPhone fans and Window phone fans to step forward and say your piece, and please tell us if you are Consumers or an Enterprise.


One thought on “Apple iPhone vs. Windows Phone & Consumers vs. Enterprise”

  1. Norman says:

    Well, I used to own a windows mobile phone and was very frustrated with it. It crashes, lags, and doesn’t last long. When i saw the iphone, i thought it was pretty cool, but thought i was probably just another hype and i was about to purchase a blackberry. Price has a lot to do with my decision also because my plan was over with t-mobile and i was planning to switch. However, i didn’t want to pay so much for a phone/Plan. Then my girlfriend bought the 1st gen iphone and after playing with it, i couldn’t wati for the 3g iphone to come out, and i BOUGHT IT. All i have to say is once you go iphone, you can’t go back. A lot of iphone bashers out there but once they own one i’m sure they will shut up. My other friend owned a blackberry curve and was always hating on the iphone, and refuse to get one. Eventually she ended up getting one and she refuse to use anything else. Windows Mobile is ancient! History, unless they can have a smooth interface like the iphone and the operating system. Palm Pre is something that can actually compete. But who knows afterall, and new iphone will probably gain 1st Place.

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