Palm Pre and WebOS Release: Can they turn smartphone market round?

The hot talk at the moment has to be all about Palm and its Palm Pre and WebOS release, we mentioned earlier today about the Palm Pre release date which is expected to be May 17th 2009, well what we want to know is “Can palm turn smartphone market round?

We have found a good read over on everythingpre and they say that the Palm Pre has been able to turn the smartphone market on its collective ear, which we would have to agree with; can they be as good as Apple with its iPhone and other companies like BlackBerry is something we will have to wait and see, Palm did indeed do very well with its Palm Centro, many are saying that the Palm Pre is in a class of its own.

We all know that the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold are the top two phones available on the market at the moment and Palm has got some work cut out for them. It seems that the Palm Pre is very popular indeed and could even drive Palm’s sales up for the next ten years. So please answer this question “Can they turn smartphone market round?

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