Palm Pre Leaked Document: Release date expected May 17th

This is pretty exciting news about the Palm Pre release date, a leaked spreadsheet document shows that the Palm Pre will not release before May 16 which in our eyes means it will launch possibly on May 17th.

You can check out ther leaked document over at Engadget which shows the date clearly, so what does this mean; they show the date May 16th so could this mean a release date of May 17th or should we all stand by the release window of May 17th to June 30th?

All we know is it is coming pretty soon and of course we will keep you up-to-date on all the latest news on the Palm Pre.


One thought on “Palm Pre Leaked Document: Release date expected May 17th”

  1. FTWorld says:

    my contract with sprint has already expired, i’m free to go where ever i please… if something else on a different carrier comes along before the pre i might just have to get it. i’ve been waiting for this phone since January and i can’t wait around, with my big and heavy treo 700wx, much longer!

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