Would you change to Sprint for Palm Pre Smartphone?

Is the Sprint Palm Pre smartphone as popular as you think? We would love to know what our readers are thinking and this is why we are asking you this question “Would you change to Sprint for Palm Pre Smartphone?”

In an recent survey (ChangeWave Research) it has been reported that out of 4,292 adult smartphone buyers only a mere 4% would buy the all new Palm Pre, now when you think in comparison to the massive 37% of those planning on buying Research In Motion’s (Nasdaq: RIMM) BlackBerry and 30% planning on Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone 4% of those wanting the Palm Pre is not a lot.

Please let us know if you are thinking about getting the Palm Pre, and let us know why you have come to this decision. So would you change to Sprint for Palm Pre Smartphone?


34 thoughts on “Would you change to Sprint for Palm Pre Smartphone?”

  1. Jeroen says:

    I don’t know how Sprint is. Because I don’t live in the USA.

    But de Palm Pre is a very nice phone. I should think about it for to change from provider to a (maybe not better) provider.

    I hope it will release soon. Also in Holland:D. Can’t wait.

  2. Q says:

    I think the problem with this survey is that you are talking to people who are in existing plans and probably have some type of loyalty to their particular brand. A large reason why I will buy a Palm is that same loyalty. I think the response will be different if you include people transitioning from dumb to smart. And I think you also need to discuss specific brands. I would think a winmo or Symbian user will have a higher probability of switching. Either way its a great phone. I’ll support Palm and just be glad I supported something different than the stat quo regardless of whether or not they stay in business.

  3. Troy Sims says:

    I’ll be jumping ship over to Sprint. I’m currently a Verizon customer, and they would have retained me if the Blackberry Niagara would have included wifi. If something changes between May and September in that aspect, I’ll probably stick with VZW, I get better coverage in my area (ND) with that carrier.

    That is, unless the Pre really kicks ass.

  4. Kyle Carnahan says:

    My wife and I are planning to switch from Verizon to Sprint for the Palm Pre. We will be purchasing two of them provided they come in under $200.00 with 2-year contract.

  5. tomascco says:

    I don’t have any loyalty to Sprint although I’ve been a customer of theirs for the past six years. Prior to that I was with Cingular/AT&T, and even though I love and use a whole host of Apple products, even the sexy Iphone could not lure me to ever give another dollar to Ma Bell’s ilk.

    My trusty Treo 755p (upgraded from 700p from Clie, Palm Iv, Palm III and Palm Pilot) will eventually give way to the Pre. I almost gave my heart away to the HTC Touch Pro, but the WinMo beast scares me.

    Besides, who doesn’t need a cheaper plan? Two phones with 1.5K minutes and unlimited everything else for $130 month?

    No, not loyal to Sprint, but not stupid either. Yeah, I’d switch to Sprint for a Pre, but lucky for me I won’t have to.

  6. Allen Straith says:

    First off, I have Sprint and it just so happens my contract end’s this June — so yes, I will buy the Palm Pre. However, if the question is whether I would switch to Sprint from another national carrier if I wasn’t Sprint — that depends on how long the Palm Pre will be exclusive (looks to be about a year) and if my contract with my current carrier would be over (I don’t believe in spending money to switch). If it was over, Sprint had better plans/prices (which they do), then yes I would switch in a heartbeat.

  7. Shawn says:

    i have t-mobile and had it for the past 4 years, i have been living in a place that dose not get good t-mobile single but been dealing with it for a year. i have their wing which is t- mobile latest htc phone. and said i would only change phone or company if i saw a the latest and greatest new toy. the i phone didnt make me blink, but the pre has got me waiting. i plan on getting it the soon as its out

  8. I would, If I didn’t have 5 lines on AT&T allready, each with a different upgrade date. If it was just me, I’d switch in a heartbeat. I still carry the Palm 680 and love it, so I may just continue to carry it until AT&T starts to carry a Web Os device.

  9. CHINGON says:

    HELL YEA!!!
    My contract for my iPhone is due in June, I will get the Pre as soon as it comes out (even before June), and just cancel AT&T in June. My friends with Sprint get Way Better reception than me anywhere we go, and I hate calls dropping all the time, don’t get me wrong, I love my Apple products, but the Pre makes my iPhone look from the ice age. Well, time will tell if I’m wrong or not.

  10. uri says:

    my fiance and i are switching from at&t/iPhones. webOS looks to be amazing and the Pre is the most amazing mobile device to date for so many reasons, but it’s the combo that really does it. i want webOS on a desktop, seriously. webOS on something like an HP mini 1000 would be amazing. i really thing palm could go places with it, if they play their cards right. but on top of palm’s amazingly well thought out device and OS design is Sprint’s amazing plans and pricing that beat at&t/iPhone hands down in price and value. wasn’t a selling point for me, but i’m looking forward to Sprint TV.

    long and short, yeah, we’re switching. good riddance at&t/iPhone.

  11. I am a verizonwireless customer. Since 1989. Talk about loyalty. However, I have used Sprint at work with my laptop. Aircard. The service has been great, and I\’ve traveled all around from Puerto Rico\’s southwest shore to Alaska. It works. So Sprint is fine. Plus they are going to 4G in the Philly area this year. That\’s fast.
    I look forward to buying the Pre and switching from Verizon. Their connections are good, but they sure love to tie the phones down, and they don\’t keep up with the best technology hand sets.

  12. Austin, TX says:

    Currently own a Palm Treo 680 on T-Mobile. I would upgrade
    to the palm pre and switch in a minute if I knew all my apps
    would come along or if new apps were available to replace
    my old ones. But since I’ve already spent the money on
    the apps, maybe trying the WinMo beast or I-Phone
    is the way to go since I’d have to buy the apps again anyway.

  13. teckiegirl40 says:

    Number 1 ,I have ever heard of this site before today and most of your users on here have never heard of palm, sprint and the palm pre. This is the iphone killer. so I am sure that blackberry, or apple commisioned you and motley fool to write that article.

    last I saw sprint has had close to 2 million hits on you tube on there lastest commericial and have got a really competitive innovative phone. I have heard too many people complain about the issues and lack of features with the storm and iphone. It was only when the Pre was introduced did it put the fear in rim and apple to fix their product.

    I am rooting for sprint and the pre. I am a blackberry and palm user and I am ready to have that bad boy in my hands. And I am a blackberry girl. The only reason I want this phone besides the glitches and price issues on the storm is because its orginal. I am sick of apple. I am ready for the PRE!

  14. Garrett says:

    I am a iphone user and I’m ready to switch to palm pre. I feel the Iphone is more of phone geared to non business users. Need a real keyboard. I was with sprint for the last 9 years before going to AT&T. At&t’s service is very horrible and i experience 3-5 dropped calls a day(no joke). So, I am holding on until the pre comes and sprint I’m comming back.

  15. G says:

    I am part of the demographic making the move from dumb-phone to smart phone, and I’d have to say that the Pre is everything that i could have asked for in a smartphone. I never really bought in to the hoopla over the iphone, and don’t get me wrong both it and the Blackberry’s are nice, but you see them both EVERYWHERE. I’m currently with T-Mo and am planning to jump ship to Sprint when my contract expires in the fall specifically for the Pre and the Unlimited Simply Everything plan on, that is, assuming there sitll is a Sprint and they still over the Pre

  16. Dizzle says:

    Oh most definately. Not only cheaper plans than any other carrier but extremely decent service and really fast 3g data access what is there not to like?? As far as coverage Sprint is second to Verizon but “Ahead” of ATT lol. The pre is just the cherry on the Sprint cake. Now it seems complete.

  17. jeff says:

    I amd a sprint customer for over 10 years and have never had a problem with them. I am an apple addict and want the iphone so bad but will never jump to ATT so the palm pre is for me untill everyone has the iphone

  18. Gaia says:

    I agree that the question should have been qualified.

    Yes, I would switch to Sprint, but I don’t have to, I’m already a customer. No one can beat the $100 unlimited EVERYTHING. No matter what handset I use or how I use it on their network, text, data, voice, I get the same bill every month.

    I think the question s/b, “Would you buy the Pre if it were on your network and offer at new contract price?”.

    My answer : Yes, I will because it is on my network and it will be offered at new contract price if you are either eligible for an upgrade or a “premier” customer.

  19. Jim says:

    I have been an AT&T wireless subscriber since 1995. Been through the good and the bad… Have my wife and my daughter signed up… That said, I would switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre.

    Now there’s two different questions here to consider. Would you want the Palm Pre and would you switch to get it… Most phone’s outside of the IPhone have eventually gone to all carriers.

    I wouldn’t wait. It has all the features of the IPhone with the physical keyboard of the Blackberry. What’s more… It runs BlackBerry Enterprise server. That’s key for those who can’t use anything else for work.

    Interface is slick, appilcations look sweet, multi-tasking capabilities are unique… Gotta have it…

  20. woodyblack says:

    I am DEFINITELY switching to the Palm Pre when released! My wife and I own Blackberry Storms and have been disappointed with it. We’re not dumb enough to buy iphones, so the Pre will be it. Buh bye Verizon!

  21. nkb001 says:

    I am planning on switching to Sprint for the pre, my Verizon contract is up May 10, and I have been going without a upgraded phone for a year to get out of the contract. The Pre looks awesome, and will be buying two of them I hope. Sprint has better data pricing and better coverage in some of the rural areas I travel to. Another thing to note, fairly likely that the Pre will be on other carriers next year, good chance to sell a lot more of them!

  22. mike says:

    I would not switch to sprint because my previous experience with sprint is not something I want to go through again BUT I do plan to buy the palm pre and use it on T-Mobile network (if i can). The Pre has a larger and sharper screen than any blackberry, it has a faster processor than either blackberry or iphone and it has a keyboard. I love the option of using my fingers (when they are clean) for a quick use or the keyboard for longer use. The pre’s synchronization is far superior to any other devices. I just cant seem to make my self spend $500 on a phone! I probably will though

  23. HP says:

    Currently on Sprint with a Palm 755P. If a hands on test shows that the demonstrated Pre features work as published, yes I’ll get on.

    I have no complaints about the Sprint network and my Palm 755P has been great. I had three other Palm models before the 755P.

  24. Daniel Garcia says:

    I am on Sprint and almost switched to AT&T for the Iphone until I found out to switch all 5 of my smartphones form sprint to AT&T would cost 150 more. I waited and will purchase 5 pre’s as sopon as they come out. No one can compare to Sprints prices.

  25. Jeff says:

    Austin, TX user posted April 16, 2009 3:28pm,

    A company called MotionApps has developed a emulator application called \”Classic\” that will run all of your legacy PalmOS applications. I have watched a few videos on it elsewhere on the web and they have stated that it will NOT come with the phone for free but it will be available for purchase from MotionApps. Here is a link: http://www.motionapps.com/classic/

    I really like this device but the kicker for me is that I am already on a kick a** grandfathered plan on Sprint that already includes unlimited texting and data. However, Sprint has made it quite clear that you have to be on one of the Everything Data or the Simply Everything plan to get this device activated. So, if I almost triple my monthly bill, I could get the Palm Pre but my current HTC Touch Windows Mobile device already fits my needs. The only real perk I would be gaining is a much better operating system with WebOS that is easier to use. So, if the Palm Pre proves itself beyond all of the hype with a growing developer community I will reconsider. But for now I like my cheap phone bill with the Windows Mobile beast.

  26. Seattle grrl says:

    I have not renewed my at&t contract for my family plan and am anxiously awaiting the palm pre. I am jumping into the smart phone market. I have played with an iphone but decided against it because I don’t like the keyboard or that you have to send it in to replace a battery or that it doesn’t synch easily with business apps like Outlook. So yes, I will switch even though I’ve been relatively happy with at&t and have heard that sprint has customer service issues. I just really want a pre. C’mon with it already.

  27. Seattle grrl says:

    Also – with regards to the survey I think the issue is that the average person is not aware of the upcoming pre. The only folks I know who are familiar with it are fellow techies. Once a major ad campaign comes out and more reviews in mainstream media more people will become interested in the pre. Right now iphone and blackberry have huge name recognition, it will come for the pre.

  28. hung says:

    i like pre a lot. i’m using a palm product. it’s a treo, and i feel good.
    iphone just has a beautiful appearance. that’s all. i even feel it’s hard to use. how can a phone can not be used at more than 35 celsius?
    pre, premier smartphone.

  29. Dori says:

    Believe it or not, I’m still carrying a 10 year old Palm Clie and so is my hubby. I love Palm. But outside Washington DC, Sprint is a bad option; maybe that’s why they are moving the HQ back out of here. I will jump on the Pre as soon as it is offered by the company we love to hate – Verizon.

  30. james braselton says:


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