Are smartphones becoming too technical and confusing?

The mobile world advances at a rate of knots, mobile phones are becoming more like mobile computers than a normal portable phone. With the arrival of the Apple iPhone came a new dimension in mobile communications.

Since the first iPhone we have seen numerous advanced smartphones hit the mobile market, the BlackBerry smartphones, the Google Android T-Mobile G1, the Nokia’s the LG’s the Samsung’s and the HTC’s, to list them all would take forever, and not forgetting the soon arrival of the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3.0.

With the smartphone comes the relevant App Stores and the abundance of mobile applications by the thousands. But we should consider are these smartphone becoming too advanced and are people becoming confused by their technology?

I remember when a mobile phone was just a mobile phone; they were easy to use and did what was required. But these days the mobile phone has evolved beyond a phone and has become more of an integral piece of daily lives, one wonders what would happen if all the mobile phones in the world were to suddenly stop.

Basically I look on a mobile phone as a means of communication, as long as I can talk to someone or send them a text then that’s fine. But what do our readers think?

The question is a simple one… are smartphones becoming too technical and confusing? Feel free to drop me a comment below.



5 thoughts on “Are smartphones becoming too technical and confusing?”

  1. smartalec says:

    Convergence is the problem and the solution..the key would be to not let the device interfere in your activity and overpower your basic need of being networked, organized & informed.
    From what I have seen of the new Palm Pre… they are pretty close to achieve this.

  2. Jacob says:

    I could say that I agree with you…but before there were PDAs, some people would carry planners, or even just a pad of paper to take important notes and reminders wherever they go. The recent development of phones that can “do it all” is just pulling all of the information that people would either carry with them, or try to remember, into on small package that, yes, takes some getting use to before fully utilizing all of the features of these technologically packed devices. Before the iPhone came out, I wished that someone, ANYONE, would create one device that would do it ALL. So I wouldn’t be forced to carry my MP3 player, cell phone, PDA, and a notebook computer everywhere in some sort of briefcase. This way, I can listen to music, answer the phone, remember to pick up diapers on the way home, get directions from my current location to the nearest grocery store, and search Google for background information for my thesis paper due tomorrow…all in one small, and hopefully easy enough to use, device.

  3. hardmanb says:

    To this, like many similar questions, look to the kids. They are not only texting like demons, without even seeing the keyboards, but are embracing the smartphones as a normal part of life.

    The little kids, teens, college students and young professionals will grow up with powerful mobile computers, not as “confusing”, but exhibiting confusion only when deprived of an integral part of their lives.

    Don’t forget that the powerful small mobile computers are bring computers to millions (billions?) around the world who cannot and won’t be able to afford $3,000 laptops and desktops. I know my grandparents never learned to program their VCR…but my grandkid has no problem with the DVR. The future belongs, by definition, to the young.

  4. Rodolfo says:

    I think there’s no confusion. There are simple devices with multiple functions, if you bought a smart phone, its logical for using in your day to day activities. If you think they are confusing just don’t by it. There existence is driven by market demand.

  5. I adhere to the “adapt or die” mentality. We’ve always have technological devices that the older generations shunned.

    My grandmother was scared to death of the telephone and even my own father wouldn’t allow a personal computer into the home.

    Youth, however, is wasted on the young.

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