Google Android is slow: 6 months on and one phone

Its been six months since the T-Mobile G1, the first Google Android base smartphone was released, and to date it is still the only smartphone running the Android open source platform states an article at msnbc.

Manufacturers have said more Android phones are on their way, but the T-Mobile G1 is still only the current handset to run Android.

So why is it taking so long to ship a second Android based smartphone? Is it Android itself? In-Stat wireless and technology analyst, Allen Nogee says Android was the only system where they tried to sell an operating system rather than the device, and he doesn’t think the results have been too good and neither have the T-Mobile G1 reviews, which is of course bad for Android.


2 thoughts on “Google Android is slow: 6 months on and one phone”

  1. Miguel says:

    Totally unsubstantiated comment. How have the G1 reviews been “bad”? Most reviewers have put it second only to the iPhone, and ahead of all Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. How is this “bad reviews”? I would expect such comments from Apple fanboys, but not an unbiased reviewer.

  2. Mark234 says:

    g1 is very good phone … maybe not better than iphone but much better than all wm devices …thats my opinion. Maybe you know abut HTC Magic which important android upgrade (1.5 Cupcake), which will be released May 5th

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