Google Android News: Sony Ericsson phone coming on Orange

The latest rumour to hit the net ways is that Sony Ericsson is planning to release an Android based smartphone with wireless carrier Orange.

According to softpedia, Hideki Komiyama, Sony Ericsson’s chief exec has stated that Sony Ericsson intends to take their time in developing an Android phone, however recent news has it that the joint venture between Orange and Sony Ericsson will release before the year’s end.

Apparently Sony Ericsson will outsource the production of their Android based smartphone to Foxconn Electronics although they haven’t said anything on the possibility of a release date.


3 thoughts on “Google Android News: Sony Ericsson phone coming on Orange”

  1. eugene says:

    A phone nobody wants and an OS noone but cares about. Sony’s problem is that they can’t compete with the blue chip companies like Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Rim. Reasoning is simple, Sony’s roots are in Electronics like cd players, tv’s, and everyday generic gadgets. People see them as no different than Panasonic,Toshiba, Sharp, or GE. There too big and over complicated to focus on a single product.

  2. eugene farti says:

    Eugene makes an interesting sound. I’m not sure what it is, but its certainly amusing.

    Essentially sony is a blue chip company, just like Apple & Co. What’s interesting is that in the past they’ve been dragged back by being to big and clumsy, yet that didn’t stop them making class leading games consoles, and phones, and now their new series of DSLRs is starting to (finally) make ripples too…they have an extrodinary level of expertise in a number of different areas…i think the problem has been when they’ve rushed things out in the past…when they take their time, they can release something that redefines a genre (think lcd technology, walkman, discman, phones, the carl zeiss connection, and photo-diodes)

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