Nokia 1100 Scandal: Would you pay $32,000?

If you own an old Nokia 1100 mobile phone which was manufactured in the Bochum factory in Germany in 2002, you just may be in the money.

According to a post on vancouversun, there are Russian, Romanian, and Moroccan cirme gangs lining up to offer you as much as $32,000 for your old Nokia 1100 handset as long as its functioning.

The reason for such a generous offer by said criminals is that apparently that particular version of the Nokia 1100 mobile phone allegedly has a flaw in its firmware which enables it to be reprogrammed to receive other people’s phone numbers and apparently allowing the hacking of banking ID codes.

No confirmation on the rumour though, and Nokia are saying they are unaware of any reason why anyone would pay above the odds for a Nokia 1100.


54 thoughts on “Nokia 1100 Scandal: Would you pay $32,000?”

  1. klikspaan says:

    The sole source for the Nokia 1100 hype is a Dutch self-proclaimed private investigator/fraud researcher named Frank Engelsman who claims to be ‘liaison’ of a company called Ultrascan with ‘3200 advisors in 69 countries’. Ultrascan is not registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce. Frank claims he is liaison for US based Ultrascan and then later it’s suddenly an UK firm. That’s fishy Frank! Ultrascan is so secretive it doesn’t run webpages except those amateurish ones by Frank himself.

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