Motorola Clutch i465 full QWERTY coming in Q2

Texting in the mobile arena is a big thing and texting is when a QWERTY keyboard comes in handy, and it would appear Motorola has realised this and announced their first iDEN handset to feature a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Handset is the Motorola Clutch i465 conforms to military specification for vibration, shock, dust and solar radiation, and features a 160 x 128 display, VGA cam with video capture, 800/900MHz, and Bluetooth 1.2.

The Motorola Clutch i465 is expected to launch in Q2 but as yet no word on pricing for this low end mobile handset.


6 thoughts on “Motorola Clutch i465 full QWERTY coming in Q2”

  1. Bradds says:

    What a truly hideous looking phone. Is there a reason for the screen being so small in comparison to the overall brick?

    I’m amazed that Motorola would even consider such a horrible looking phone!

    Anyone else agree?


  2. I disagree i actually am getting this phone in 2 days ,i think this is one of motorola’s better looking phones to be put out on the market but everyone has thier opinion and i will except yours even though i disagree,thank you


  3. Bradds says:

    Now come on Brandon, are you sure your not the product rep for Motorola or even a relative of the designer?

    It we were discussing phones in relation to action films then this phone would be the ED 209 from the Robocop film 🙂

    Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I hope you enjoy your new phone when it arrives.


  4. keesha says:

    my hubby & i both have this phone, we ported our #’s over to boost & we are so glad we did, we live in N.J right outside of NYC, this phone is the best! the call quality is amazing! we both was paying over $100 a month in cell phone bills, so when boost came out with this phone we jumped on it! we can both say we are sticking with boost & will never go back, thank you boost mobile for the $50 unlimited plan OMG! what freedom, no monthly bills, no credit check, what!!!OMG! this is a beautiful thing!!

  5. keesha says:

    OMG! no gov. fees, or surcharges, just yr local sales tax added on you yr. bill $50.00 + 3.12= $53.12 WOO HOO!!!! not $50.00 + $15 plus!!!!

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