Palm Pre will be DOA says analyst

According to an article on digitaldaily, analyst Ashok Kumar of Collins Stewart has done a bit of number crunching on the Palm Pre and has concluded that Palm has dramatically reduced production on the Palm Pre.

Kumar states that Palm is unlikely to meet the million sales mark in the 2nd half of 09, and basically if Sprint cannot match or beat the AT&T price for the Apple iPhone of $199 then effectively the Palm Pre will be DOA.

It would appear that some analysts don’t think the Palm Pre will survive, and well with taking so long for the Palm Pre to hit I’m not too surprised, and if the Pre can’t get out before the new iPhone then maybe it is sunk and Palm along with it.


8 thoughts on “Palm Pre will be DOA says analyst”

  1. Ashok Kumar is nothing he have took the money from APPLE so that he can say crap about PALM PRE. We’ll see how thing goes, Ashok Kumar is not a GOD that wotever he going to say will happened Pre is not going to be DOA
    ok Mr Ashok Kumar …. the real reason is that APPLE is really scare now because the real competition is out . Get ready Ashok Kumar hate you man .

  2. umm.. is there anything to actually back this up? If multiple factors contributed to Mr. Kumar’s prediction, could you perhaps tell us what they are? Otherwise, you might have just written an article saying, “Some random dude you’ve never heard of thinks the Palm Pre’s gunna suck. “

  3. NA says:

    Now that it is May, Palm needs to finally just put the date out when the Palm Pre will be made available. At some point, people will start to resent the fact that they have not put a date out and will resist buying the phone.

  4. Pat Mc says:

    Give me a break. Yet another “analyst” who is spouting nothing but doom and gloom for the Pre… before they’ve had a chance to actually use the thing! I’m as anxious to get my hands on it as you are, but just because Palm hasn’t sent you a review unit, doesn’t mean it’s going to fail.

    Do you seriously think that Sprint isn’t completely aware of the new iPhone and it’s probable cost? Do you seriously think that Sprint wouldn’t price it competitively with the iPhone? Everyone knows that the Pre’s hardware features and OS are more than competitive with the iPhone… and the Sprint data plans are a better deal than AT&T’s.

    Regarding the smaller production run… where’s your info coming from? I’ve heard that they tripled their initial order, and plan on selling 4 million this year. See how easy it is to come up with numbers to support your views? Give me facts… not conjecture.

    And let’s not forget the new Centro-like, Web OS based, Palm “pixie” that is now apparently coming for Sprint before the end of the year… it could certainly explain why Sprint may have lowered their production run, right?

    Now if you Apple-lovers will kindly shut the hell up until the Pre is released, we can let the public decide what they think of the Pre all by themselves.

  5. Jeff says:

    I’m so sure, dead before it’s released? If this phone is as good as it appears I would leave Verizon, and I’m a LONG time hold out. Plenty of people would leave AT&T if a good phone offering came along and this may well be that phone.

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