Are Sprint running out of time with the Palm Pre?

With Sprint announcing fair grim 1st quarter financial results, it is becoming more evident just how important the success of the Palm Pre is.

A techblog article says, the rumour is a limited number of Palm Pre smartphone will be released with Best Buy on June 7th, a fairly bad day to launch the Palm Pre as on June the 8th Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins and it is expected this is where Apple will unveil the next iPhone.

When that Apple announcement comes all eyes of the mobile arena will be watching which will detracted publicity from the Palm Pre, and even worse would be if Apple launched the new iPhone a couple of weeks later.

Basically, Palm and Sprint may be leaving it too late to garner the interest they need to make the Palm Pre a success, if they want that they should get the Pre into the public’s hands a lot sooner.

Your views?


2 thoughts on “Are Sprint running out of time with the Palm Pre?”

  1. JBundyLive says:

    Apple could have everyone duped into believing it’d bring out a second generation 3G handset and only release the 3.0 OS with multi-tasking capabilities. This time last year, we all knew what the 3g would look like and that it was called “3G.” This year, the eavesdropping leakers are no where to be found. I for one hate rumors because it breeds the speculative journalism culture that breeds articles that compare speculative products to current or known “on the horizon” products (if you really credit this as journalism). Anyways, the effect would be satisfying for Apple should it wait another year to bring out an a**-whipping device with ultra thing landscape and portrait QWERTY keyboards that slide out and leave the screen to display as much as possible without needing to use the on-screen keyboard, 4G components, non-underclocked CPU (like the currently underclocked one that would normally run at over 600 MHz) … the possibilities are endless for a new device if Apple waits another year. I would love to see Apple go head to head against Windows Mobile 7 and the next wave of Blackberry OS 5 devices that will have Storm-like SurePress screens and QWERTY keyboards. Palm Pre is not a threat in my eyes. It’ll sell to the naive, but it’ll only gain traction based on the support it gets in the long-term. There’s no guarantee in that, though. Apple is established. Palm is no longer after departing from the Palm OS and only including it in emulated form in the webOS scheme. I hope for the best for webOS, but hope for the most from all competitors. Interesting times …


  2. tomascco says:

    JBundyLive, I couldn’t agree with you more about the rumor machine. I’ve been a print journalist for 30 years, and there is not one publication for which I have worked that would dare print some of these “verified” rumors. “I have a cousin who’s brother-in-law has a friend who works for the same company that cleans the pool for one of the engineers who designed a screen just like on the Palm Pre and he says….”

    Geez, the only thing that will kill the Pre are the naysayers and impatient kids who will bash whatever they can’t get in their sweaty little palms (no pun intended) right now!

    Apple announced the Iphone in January 2007 and we saw nothing until its release in June of that year. I’d say that for someone with Palm’s legacy in the smartphone field that these non-journalists let them release a product that’s ripe and wizened rather than one that’s so green that the snipers have a field day with the glitches.

    PhonesReview seems to be one of those bastions of rumor that are trying to kill off the Pre before release because there have been more “waiting” headlines regarding the Pre than anything else about the phone. Guys, be patient. They said first half of the year. Tell you what, after June 30 if you still don’t have your phone then you can write all you want about waiting for it, and I’ll not say a word against you. But until then how about giving it a break and report what you know. OK, sorry, that might cut down your material quite a bit. Never mind. Carry on.

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