Verizon or AT&T, iPhone or BlackBerry

As we have heard for some time now, Verizon Wireless is looking to grab a piece of Apple iPhone action, but the iPhone has so far been exclusive to AT&T in the States. But with the new iPhone 3.0 supposedly coming soon could Verizon grab the handset for themselves?

Certainly giving the iPhone to Verizon would definitely increase Apple’s iPhone revenue, and would draw in a huge number of potential new customers, that is of course if Verizon customers would opt for the iPhone 3.0.

So the thing is which would you choose? Would you being a Verizon customer be persuaded to change your BlackBerry smartphone for the new Apple iPhone? And should Verizon gain the iPhone or should AT&T keep exclusivity?

What are your views readers?



12 thoughts on “Verizon or AT&T, iPhone or BlackBerry”

  1. Anthony says:

    VERIZON! The only reason I left Verizon for AT&T was because my iPhone was a gift.

    I LOVE MY iPhone.

    I HATE AT&T! The network with the most dropped calls …

  2. John says:

    Verizon NEEDS the iPhone! I love my Verizon service but envy those with the iPhone – – – AT&T only has exlusivity of the iPhone until August, 2009. Apple would be foolish to keep the phone just for AT&T.

  3. Dani says:

    iPhone…. please! I have Verizon and just purchased the BlackBerry Strom. It’s cool… but it’s not an iPhone. I heard the rumors so I’ve stuck with Verizon in hopes the iPhone will be available within a year. BlackBerry’s don’t speak well with Mac’s… bummer. And… the iPhone really is just more user friendly.

  4. Dan says:

    I don’t wanna switch from Verizon, and I’ve considered buying an iPod Touch just so that I could have an iPhone sans the phone. I am very glad to hear that Verizon may be striking a deal with Apple as iPhones are freaking sweet.

  5. Brett says:

    I currently have the storm and would buy the IPhone today if available from Verizon. Had the IPhone for 3 weeks with the company not only with more dropped calls but no service at times looking at their tower(yep, that close).Dropped calls in most buildings I entered. Yes A T& T. Verizon has great coverage,very few dropped calls from Az. driving all the way to Canada. Storm…Not so hot. Nice features,needs a lot more fine tuning. IPhone with Verizons new Data network would be unstopable.

  6. Ryan says:

    I would definitely switch my BlackBerry for an iPhone. I’m considering switching to ATT just for this. So, no one knows for sure if this deal is going to get done? Maybe I should just sit tight for now.

  7. Eric Courchesne says:

    Exclusivity does not benefit the public greater good, and must therefore be dismantled as a legal framework and business practice for these and similar applications.

    A world with more options, cheaper products and services is both possible and desirable, and the exclusivity deal between Apple and AT&T does not move us collectively to this end.

    We should stop locking our technology, as a species, and allow development and collective creativity potential to be explored.

    Democracy Earth

  8. Ricky Wood says:

    Please please o’ please. I want the iPhone but NOT AT&T. Nobody ever gets my texts – – the network is pathetic! I am holding on to my razor, yes razor hoping by May 2010 (when my contract is up) there will be VERIZON & iPHONE good news. I am soooo there. If not, DROID it is (for 2 years).

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