Android 1.5 Cupcake: What are the new features like?

Android 1.5 Cupcake has begun rolling out to the 100,000 or so UK T-Mobile G1 owners and beings several new features to the G1 smartphone, features such as the ability to record video clips and upload them to Gmail and YouTube and also send them via SMS.

pcpro.co.uk says T-Mobile G1 users will also be able to add meta data including a title, tags and description to those videos before uploading.

Messaging also get updated with an on screen keyboard, predictive text, dictionary, new touch screen Gmail for easier use of the webmail service, performance tweaks for faster booting and faster GPS and camera start.

So if any of our T-Mobile toting readers have Android 1.5 already, let us know how you are finding it.


2 thoughts on “Android 1.5 Cupcake: What are the new features like?”

  1. Francis says:

    Got it!
    I had to restore the phone, so lost everything, but worth it. Faster all round, love the video cam and good on-screen keybroad.

  2. DF says:

    I got my Anfroid 1.5 update 3 days ago. I love all the new features, the video recording is fine. All we need now is Apps to Sd Card.
    the new look is a welcome feature, it’s looks more modern.
    My Partner had her update yesterday.

    This update has made the G1 near on purfect.

    Enjoy it when it comes USA.

    DF U.K

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